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If you experience challenges with time, mobility, or health, the custom and one on one yoga plan is an excellent option. We first offer a 30 minute consultation so that we may gain more knowledge of your goals, objectives, intentions, and your WHY. We then research and identify specific yoga postures that support through your wellness journey, provide a printed plan, as well as offer 3 site visits to facilitate your plan. We ensure that you understand how to offer each posture correctly and best practices.

One on One Yoga/Custom Yoga Plan

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  • Fee includes custom yoga plan and facilitation of 3 sessions. Travel fees are not included. We travel inside the perimeter of Atlanta for $15.00 and outside the perimeter for an additional .49 per mile. Will be billed seperately for travel fee.

  • Registration required at least 7 days before plan is delivered. No refunds and not transferrable.