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Experience the power of collective intention in The 28 Day Boss Up Challenge is Thursday, April 18- Wednesday May 16. We engage in 28 Days of clearing, cleaning, clarity, preparing, and accelerated prosperity. 

Aren't you tired of being caught in the same ole same unproductive cycles? Don’t you want to finally know how you can clear the confusion from your life, gain more clarity and accelerate your blessings? 

If you hear the sacred yes then divine timing is happening NOW. 
We have decided to share our own process, our own process of clearing, cleaning and creating accelerated prosperity with you… . 

Collectively we are “In The Flow”  The Divine Collaboration of none other than “The Sacred Health Movement’s Jamilah Shakir and Master Spiritual Coach Toyia Denise. Combined we support the celebration of  spiritual processes and create paths of navigation to break cycles of disconnection, discouragement, support the prevention of depression and disease with creative ways of doing ’the work” requiring in experiencing ultimate freedom. 

2 Master Teachers, 2 Bosses we are sharing 28 days of our own secret sauce as we re-align, re-center and release our own internal programming. Our personal process is available now.. for a very limited time. 
If you want in … Gather your friends and let’s BOSS UP!

28 Day Challenge